3 Elements Coffee

3 Elements Coffee


3 Elements Coffee is a gourmet coffee range of coffee and hot beverage products targeted at the Australian Defence Force organisations and to ex-military personnel, their immediate network and beyond.


3 Elements Coffee is a socially aware coffee brand raising awareness and funds for the challenges faced by ex-military service men and women. With some real guidance from caring and like-minded organizations such as Ex-Military Direct these ex-service people not only have a real chance at re-integration but can be of great continued service and being amazing economical contributors.



Caffco Industries once again appointed us to design the packaging of a coffee brand. With excitement we then developed a brand identity that encompasses and represents a blend between the tri-services Australian Defence Force. The literal 3 elements are used for air, water and earth. The use of wings is used to represent the Air-force (air), swords to represent the Army (earth) and an anchor to represent the Navy (water). We then transferred this identity to packaging giving it a coffee cool look for its unique niche market.




June 27, 2018


Graphic Design, Illustration, Logo Development, Packaging Design