ERA Media

ERA Media


ERA Media is a video production company based in Bryanston. They create audio visual content that tells stories of exceptional people, companies, and brands. They are growing in size and reputation into a formidable alliance of creatives, producers, film makers, animators, designers and digital artists.

ERA Media decided to rebrand their identity in order to reposition the brand within South Africa. They wanted the brand to better reflect the company’s evolution and mission.



After The Creativehaus reviewed ERA Media’s current branding, the evaluation found that the positive aspects of ERA Media were not showcased and highlighted. The current brand was too corporate which needed a brand that emphasizes ERA Media’s passion and love for storytelling.

The brand mark developed was inspired by a combination of a reel to reel video projector, film reels, a speech bubble (to convey storytelling) and Africa, as they like telling African stories. The stationery created, is based on the language of traditional clapperboards used in film productions and formats of screenplays & scripts. The deep red colour of the brand is meant to convey passion and action, as the turquoise colour of the brand is meant to convey depth and reliability.


Corporate Identity


September 28, 2016


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