Reagetswe Mining Group

Reagetswe Mining Group


Reagetswe Mining Group (RMG) is an all in one mining company. Established by the amalgamation of Reagetswe Mining Services and Reagetswe Rasimone as a response to the provisions of qualitative services in the Mining sector.


Their growth strategy is aimed at the expansion and diversification. Reagetswe Mining Group focuses on expanding its operations throughout South Africa and ultimately the world.



Having had a long relationship working with Rentminds on previous projects, The Creativehaus was appointed to design and develop RMG’s website. A simple easy navigation and sitemap system was developed, showcasing all services & information needed to know about RMG. An impactful colour palette, images and typographic treatment was introduced. Our copywriting team worked on elevating the copy, to bring it inline with industry terminology and create a cohesive tone.



Website design and development


September 28, 2016


Graphic Design, Website Design, Website Development