Taja Tea Packaging

Taja Tea Packaging

It is no secret that tea is a very popular drink, second only to drinking, water, nor that it may have several potential health benefits. It is no secret either that saffron, the most expensive spice is still studied and researched today.

This uniquely reddish-hued herb has been used for thousands of years to enhance taste, colour and aroma of ordinary dishes and beverages to create an extraordinary culinary experience. Saffron contains plant-derived chemical companions which are said to have potential antioxidant properties and throughout history has been used in therapeutic applications. Saffron is also rich in vitamins.

Taja Tea combines these two by blending saffron and tea blends, creating a unique and exotic beverage for your body and soul’s experience and as they say at Taja Tea “Drink Happiness”.


A new infused organic herbal tea was introduced and we designed a new packaging to represent a turmeric infused calming tea look. We used a kaleidoscope design pattern to give a relaxed feeling using bright colours.




June 27, 2018


Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging Design