Urban Lifestyle

Urban Lifestyle


Urban Lifestyle is a blueprint of what modern day South Africa is all about. It showcases different lifestyles and how people interact through them. It aims to open up industries to anyone aspiring to change the game, whether by influencing it or recreating how it is viewed. With its youthful approach and visual signatures, it creates conversations about our surroundings; showcases the authenticity and versatility of the urban markets; and how these have influenced the corporate world to follow suit. This allows the expansion of knowledge throughout South Africa and the world. This is not just a lifestyle show, it’s who we are.



Working closely with the in house team discussing the brand, we developed a brand personality with a focus on expressing the energy and passion that the Urban Lifestyle team has to offer. We established a direction that would involve strengthening the Urban Lifestyle brand.


The brand mark using the silhouette of the city and the letters of the the typeface to connect represent the road was developed around the idea of an infinite journey of the urban game changers.


The website was designed and developed using WordPress, allowing the team to easily update pages going forward, as it is designed to be a vlog.


Corporate Identity


June 27, 2018


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