Vintage Amber

Vintage Amber

Once you arrive at the front door, it becomes clear why Vintage Amber is a favourite for a quick stop, or a slow Sunday morning visit. At Vintage Amber it is believed that one should take some time out to enjoy premium coffee. The Artisan Coffee of freshly roasted Arabica beans are especially roasted for Vintage Amber in the Cradle Region. Fresh croissants are baked daily and mouth-watering cakes for the coffee shop, as well as quiches are prepare in the kitchen. Venture through the beautiful little space and explore whilst awaiting your meal. Find that special something that’s been waiting for you to be discovered!

To develop the brand identity, we started by first defining the values, looking at a simplistic, approachable and artisanal direction for the brand identity and logo development. A typographic brand mark that is clean elegant and timeless was developed. Using black, on white and kraft to give the brand a modern, personal and warm feeling. The use of photography was an important part of establishing the brand.
A responsive WordPress website was created, with design options set in place to allow for the company’s future expansion and growth.


Corporate Identity


June 27, 2018


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